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Super Bowl XLVIII Preview

The unstoppable force meets the immovable object is a paradox that has been studied for centuries and can be traced back to a 3rd century BC philosophical book, Han Feizi. Between the Denver offense and the Seattle defense, we have … Continue reading

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The Relationship of Coaching, Players, and Winning in the NFL

In watching the playoff games this weekend, I’m reminded of an analogy that I’ve made in previous posts: The building of a professional football team is much like a master craftsman building a piece of furniture, statue, or a work … Continue reading

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Notes from NFL Divisional Round Games

…with a focus on divisional rounds games. I want Jermaine Kearse on my team, and if I were a GM, I’d be paying attention to what the Seahawks do with RFA Doug Baldwin and UFA Golden Tate. If Seattle keeps … Continue reading

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