Washington Redskins 2014 Roster Evaluation

When Scot McCloughan was hired as the new General Manager of the Washington Redskins after the end of the 2014 NFL season, Washington immediately became a major focus of my attention. From the time that McCloughan left the 49ers as General Manager, I’ve followed his path. He was a man who held an incredible reputation in the league as being one of, if not THE, best pure evaluator(s) of talent. He helped build the 49ers into a roster that could compete with any in the league, but could never get the right coach to lead it.

When he went to the Seahawks, it was easy to see a shift in evaluation philosophy. There was a “type” for each position. It was easy to see the mark that McCloughan left in Seattle. He had a huge hand in building the Super Bowl champion team.

Then McCloughan departed Seattle and began his own scouting service. After the 2013 season, McCloughan was the candidate that I personally wanted to take over the vacant GM position in Tampa and steer the Buccaneers’ ship out of the turbulent surf they had been mired in the previous few years. I felt that McCloughan and I shared similar visions for building a team and that he would build the Bucs back the way they should be built. The Bucs passed and McCloughan continued to add NFL teams to his client list for his scouting service.

Washington was one of those clients.

But what exactly did McCloughan inherit in DC? And how would he fix the broken parts and fill in the missing pieces in the roster? I had to know. That led me to realizing that I had the opportunity to compare my vision to McCloughan’s. I decided to do a full roster evaluation of Washington to see if my evaluation compared to his; to see if what I would do would compare to what he would do.

I kept the roster evaluation to myself, only sharing it with a few close compatriots. Now it’s time to share it with more.

Washington Roster Eval

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