NFL Preseason Week 1 Notes: Miami Dolphins at Jacksonville Jaguars

  • MIA QB Ryan Tannehill is shaky early – holding the ball too long
  • MIA OL still struggling. The only place it even seems average is on the right side behind RT Tyson Clabo.
  • LB Dannell Ellerbe is an average NFL linebacker.
  • Jags are playing the same brand of defense as Seattle – zone based with a lot of single high safety. When they hit, they hit hard.
  • JAX LB Posluszny is all over the field. He has to be irritating to play against.
  • MIA LT Jonathan Martin still can’t anchor. Played better against the speed rush, still not great.
  • MIA is helping out the left side of the OL with a RB or FB in blocking schemes. This signifies they know it’s an issue.
  • QB Tannehill is getting happy feet. His internal pocket clock is speeding up.
  • JAX RB Toddman doesn’t hit the hole with authority. Getting a lot of the workload but unimpressive.
  • JAX QB Blaine Gabbert is significantly inaccurate early.
  • On 3rd down, QB Gabbert did stand in when his OL was being pushed in his face. Ball was high but the fact that he stood tall in face of pressure is a positive.
  • Jags’ rookie RT Luke Joeckel faced off against one of the best pass rushers in the league in DE Cameron Wake.
  • Joeckel is intent on not letting Wake get to his inside. Hedging inside and allowing Wake less resistance to the outside. Sometimes Joeckel makes up the difference and gets good punch on Wake, others he doesn’t.
  • MIA LBs are average as a group. None stand out except they’re above average tacklers. They benefit from a good defensive line in front of them.
  • MIA LT Martin still struggles vs. a strong bullrush in pass blocking
  • MIA TE Dustin Keller is tremendous at finding open spaces on the field. Shows very good hands and great body control on his TD catch.
  • JAX OW Denard Robinson is extremely smooth with the ball in his hands. RB is a natural fit, still needs work when lining up as a WR.
  • 0:17 left in the 1st quarter – 3rd & 1 for JAX – Great downblock by TE or RT (can’t see the number) that absolutely collapses that side of the line. RB Toddman has a huge hole to pickup a large gain.
  • QB Gabbert’s INT was not his fault. Ball placement could have been better but the throw was on target and the FB’s stone hands bounced the ball up in the air.
  • MIA RB Daniel Thomas looks smooth when running but only gets what’s blocked.
  • JAX defense is running a lot of single-high safety and cover 3 looks with the extra safety in the box.
  • MIA reserve LT Jeff Adams has heavy feet and a slow drop step.
  • Has Miami tried Tyson Clabo at LT? Clearly seems to be the best option at this point.
  • MIA RB Gray – What does RB Daniel Thomas offer that Gray doesn’t? Not much, IMO.
  • Jags’ OL is still a work in progress. Need more reps together to build chemistry. Missed a couple of assignments or had a couple of miscommunications that allowed free runners at the QB.
  • Chad Henne was quite obviously the better JAX QB.
  • Both team’s DBs were strong in run support. Scheme dictated that but both were up to the task in attitude and execution.
  • JAX 2nd team OL was getting good push inside at times.
  • JAX CB Gratz’s INT was in man coverage. Forced WR to sideline of snap. Great coverage, sharp break in-step with WR, dumb throw by QB Matt Moore. Gratz looked like he was the intended target.

Bonus: Nickel blitz with a stunt in front by Jacksonville. Good scheming that puts the left side of the offensive line in a bind and results in a sack.


— NFL Philosophy (@NFLosophy) August 10, 2013



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