NFL Preseason Week 2 Game Notes: Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks

Denver Offense vs. Seattle Defense

  • Notable DNPs: LEO Irvin, LB Avril, DE Clemons, DT McDaniel
  • CB Winfield started as 3rd CB
  • DE Mayowa got the start at DE
  • S Chancellor is a “hitter” at safety and is hitting hard early
  • Backup LT Chris Clark got the start and played very well on the first drive. QB Manning wasn’t concerned with his blind side at all.
  • DE/DT Mebane showing quickness on the edge, almost ran completely around RT Franklin without being touched 1 time on 1st drive.
  • SEA LBs are fast and great in coverage as a whole. No weak links.
  • DEN opened 2nd drive with “11 personnel” in the “Pistol” formation. Ran a weakside zone into a big hole for 5 yards.
  • RT Franklin and RG Vasquez show a good chemistry on the right side in how they exchange blockers in short areas. 8:10 in 1st quarter good example of teamwork.
  • 7:35 in 1st – DEN runs pick route on 3rd down where the pick man became the intended target. Good play design made for an easy read and conversion.
  • Ball security is paramount vs. SEA defense as they’re ripping and punching at the ball at every opportunity.
  • QB Manning’s pocket presence and a solid pass blocking performance by the OL is making it tough on the SEA secondary.
  • LBs Wagner and Wright are fast into gaps and strike with authority.
  • DT Mebane is tough to block 1-on-1; gets off the ball quickly with power. Can run past or through an OL.
  • SEA front 7 plays disciplined vs. the run but having issues anchoring.
  • RB Hillman shows a good ability to switch gaps in 1 move and to make tacklers miss in small spaces but became increasingly indecisive, and therefore less effective.
  • DE Bennett so explosive off the snap – lightning quick first step. Played fairly well vs. run, too.
  • 12:20 in 2nd – SEA auto-adjusts to stacked WRs – Outside CB drops back into deep coverage with inside CB pressing WR on the line of scrimmage with inside leverage. Good teams will design plays against this automatic adjustment.
  • C Ramirez played well in all phases against a very tough matchup.
  • LG seems to be the only area of concern on the Broncos OL
  • RB Montee Ball quicker than quicker than Hillman, hits hole with more velocity. Better all around runner.
  • SEA LBs continuously show up on film in good ways vs. both the run and pass.
  • DEN did notice SEA’s auto-adjust to stacked WRs. Called a dual screen out of that alignment later in the game.
  • DBs Browner and Chancellor fly all over the field and seem to be involved in every play.
  • Reserve LB Bradford is big and physical w/ good speed. Doesn’t change direction with suddenness and appears to lack natural instincts at times.
  • LB Schofield played a significant amount and played well – especially in pass rush.
  • Denver offense ran 3 plays out of the Pistol formation.

Denver Defense vs. Seattle Offense

  • For such an active pass rusher, LB Von Miller plays with very good discipline vs. the run.
  • QB Wilson very accurate when rolling to his right.
  • SEA OL seems to end up on the ground a lot.
  • 12:09 in 1st – QB Wilson deep throw down sideline to TE Willson was better than it looked. Willson slowed down when trying to locate the ball in the air.
  • 11:24 in 1st – LB Bradley loses gap responsibility and gets trapped inside. TE Willson came across formation to block edge man. Good block springs the RB for 7 yard run.
  • Tough matchup for RB Turbin to try to block LB Miller 1-on-1.
  • SEA OL strong and physical, especially for blockers in a zone blocking system.
  • Very good play early on from the OTs and C.
  • SEA ran the same running play they ran at 11:24 out of different personnel and formation. 1st was with 2 TEs flexed off the LOS. 2nd was in 21 personnel in I-formation. Both were weakside zone runs. 2nd run netted 8 yards.
  • So impressed with QB Wilson’s poise. 1st quarter TD to WR Kearse came on a botched/fumbled snap.
  • SEA WRs are sharp route runners and very savvy.
  • WR Tate has a unique ability to release clean off the LOS and put the CB in a bad position immediately. 6:49 in 1st vs. CB Bailey is a good example.
  • SEA showed a clear intention to run away from LB Miller.
  • SEA loves flexing a TE & blocking him across the formation after the snap. 3rd time and out of another formation (shotgun this time). This time run to strong side.
  • LG McQuistan did not play well. Struggled consistently in 2 quarters of play.
  • LT Okung is a wall on the left side while C Unger is strong and a technician.
  • Hard for any team to keep pace with an opponent who scores 2 non-offensive touchdowns.
  • Broncos CBs played a lot of off-man technique and some quarters coverages as well.
  • DE Ayers flashed in pass rush but was inconsistent.
  • LBs did nothing of note but played decent in all phases.
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