NFL Preseason Week 2 Game Notes: Tampa Bay at New England

  • Patriots’ offense opened with the intent to run the ball. Succeeded in gashing with RB Ridley.
  • S Goldson was essentially lining up as an extra LB, leaving S Barron in single high coverage.
  • DT Spence flashed at times, showing strength and power on the inside.
  • Tampa got very little pass rush off the edge. LT Solder played very well but DE Clayborn gave him all that he could handle in pass blocking.
  • Patriots seem to be targeting CB Johnson and it’s working.
  • TB 1st play from scrimmage – Miscommunication between QB & RB. QB went to play fake while RB went to block and they almost ran into each other.
  • RB Blount lowered his shoulder and hit someone, something he didn’t do in Tampa. NE coaching seems to be working.
  • RB Blount showing his typical patience and ability to find holes and break tackles.
  • NE is getting incredible matchups – Backup LB Goode 1-on-1 in coverage vs. WR Amendola is a win for the Patriots every time.
  • Freeman seems confused on coverages. NE playing more man than normal. Doesn’t have much time to throw but when he does he’s holding the ball too long.
  • RT Dotson having trouble with DE Ninkovich. Ninkovich is winning with speed but also getting leverage against the 6-5 Dotson and pushing him into Freeman’s lap at times.
  • The Bucs seem unprepared on both sides of the ball. Each unit looks lost in its adjustments and duties.
  • Tampa is having protection call issues. Multiple times TE Stocker has been left to block DE Jones 1-on-1. I can’t imagine that’s by design. Need to figure that out and make necessary adjustments.
  • NE QB Mallett incredibly inaccurate on his first drive.
  • Backup (3rd string) RB Mike James looks good. He’s finding good holes and seems a capable compliment to RB Doug Martin. James is slippery with good speed and takes good angles in space.
  • QB Glennon looks much like he did in college – he’s prone to being streaky and will check down quickly if he’s not comfortable.
  • QB Mallett settled in nicely on his 2nd drive. He led a beautiful drive with a great TD throw to TE Sudfeld over the middle.
  • Patriots’ RB Vereen can do it all – runs well between the tackles, speed to get to the edge, tremendous receiver, and holds up well in pass blocking.
  • I have a feeling QB Glennon will be as maddening as Freeman. Comes up with some remarkable throws and then unleashes a wild throw that leaves me asking, “What was that?”
  • WR Ogletree made a couple tough catches. Showed ability to work the middle of the field as well as the sideline.
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